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Message started by Kevin Wallace on 20. Jul 2007 at 23:48

Title: Transmission error, code=6
Post by Kevin Wallace on 20. Jul 2007 at 23:48
This can happen if the wrong port is selected, or if the selected port is being used by a printer driver. For example:

- The cutter is connected to printer port LPT1.
- There is a printer driver installed (My Printer) on the system that is configured to use LPT1.
- SignGo is configured to use LPT1.

In the above case, and similar scenarios such as when using other ports such as COM1, COM2 etc. you will see "transmission error, code=6" when trying to cut. This happens because WinXP blocks access to the local port if it is in use by a printer driver.

To fix this problem configure SignGo to use the printer driver instead of the local port. In the above example the customer should choose "My Printer" instead of LPT1. SignGo will then pass the cutting data through the Windows printing system to reach the cutter.

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