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So which version of S.Go 1.20 FD is the latest? (Read 38 times)
02. Apr 2017 at 18:50

whackamole   Offline
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I see from the change log page that indeed some fixes and updates have occurred

Specifically one we worked on together updating the Copam END fields to correctly finish cutting. However, I had no idea that you actually updated the actual SignGo EXE distribution until today when I discovered the Change Log page on the website. I would like to know how to go about updating my SignGo FD 1.20 (but old and not updated with these latest fixes) to the latest FIXED version? I see that there is no SignGo FD 1.20 downloadable EXE file like there used to be several years ago and as well there is no longer a DEVICES.MST (latest cutters) download page either like there used to be several years ago also. Though I have found old links to the file: and one from UKCutter's SignGo distribution also...This page clearly shows an updated cutter list that has 551 cutters on it but no way to obtain the MST file...

For those following along at is the links to the SignGo FD 1.20 download

Since there is no automatic check for update feature within the program so how does one actually get the files they need to stay updated since you hide or take down the appropriate links? Why all the smoke and mirrors over updating the software? Is it simple oversight or are you doing this on purpose to make updating a challenge to your customers? It's perplexing and I don't see the reasoning for making things THIS difficult!!!

Anyhow, I have figured everything out on my own now and no longer need assistance but this is because I know that this is how SignGo seems to operate and I've bookmarked all the necessary links and file locations. What a nightmare...  Angry
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