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Please read before posting Communication Problems (Read 2342 times)
05. Feb 2012 at 08:18

Alan   Offline
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Please when posting "My cutter wont cut / it hangs /New computer" type questions can you detail.
1, Cutter model
2, Connection method.
    USB with printer driver
    USB virtual com port (this has USB to the cutter)
    USB to Serial Adapter (Uses a serial cable)
    Serial Cable (This uses a Serial port on the PC)
    Parallel cable (Parallel port on the PC)
    USB to Parallel adapter (Uses parallel cable)
3. Version of Windows and if 7 is it 32 or 64 bit
4, did the Serial cable work before or is it new.

For USB to Serial adapters and Virtual com ports, If possible the entry in Device Manager ( Like Prolific , winchip, FDTI , ch340) which identifies the adapter.
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