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Blade arm not dropping, advice? Graphtec CE5000-60 (Read 2495 times)
13. Sep 2011 at 03:31

geminis076   Offline
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Graphtec CE-5000-60 purchased in 2009 (refurbished). The machine was cutting fine today, then suddenly the arm that holds the blade stopped dropping. The carriage moves and acts as if it were cutting something, but the arm/blade stays in place never drops and does not make contact with the vinyl. There is also a faint whurring sound which is probably due to the arm not dropping.

Manually I am able to move the blade/arm up and down smoothly and without any resistance so I don't believe there is something blocking it. Unless I accidentally changed a setting, to my knowledge I have not changed any of my machine or software settings.

I don't know technical information about the machine or trying to repair it, but I have tried simple things like turning the machine on and off, trying the "Test" cut feature on the machine - same results, and trying to test cut through my software with the same results. The software I use are CorelDraw X3 & Cutting Master 2. Up until now the machine had been running fine - the only issue I can think of is the Position Alarm alert would appear a bit often.

Any advice as to what I can try, what the issue may be, or who I can contact for advice would be great, thanks!
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Alan   Offline
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The arm on the carriage is moved by a solenoid in the carriage. If its not working but appears to move smoothly then:
First Check you haven't changed the condition to a force of 0, or even move to a different condition then use the cutter test button.  If it works (cuts the test pattern) then check with the software.

If it still fails on the built in test then probably the small PCB on the carriage- visible under the top cover -  may be the culprit. Take the top cover off and inspect the wiring to the solenoid, it may be loose in its socket. The ribbon cable may be loose, do visually inspect it where it flexes under the cover for wear, it just may be worn through where it goes back and forth.
The position alarm sensor (for the side of the cutter) is on this board too and feeds its signal via the cable could be coincidence?
Other items can be the ribbon cable and the driver IC/transistor on the Motherboard as well as the solenoid.
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