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Anyone use a Master xy-300p vinyl cutter plotter (Read 34538 times)
Reply #30 - 21. Aug 2010 at 11:58

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Sorry for the bump but, I just bought one of these plotters and I was messing with it and tried to do a test run on it and the blade carrier just goes all the way to the right and then makes a ton of racket as it tries to keep going past the end of the track... any idea of what's happening?  I shut the plotter off and turned it back on and it still tries to go through the side...
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Reply #31 - 21. Aug 2010 at 18:59

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There will be a sensor on the side it runs into, this is not working, disconnected, bent etc. inspect the side of the carriage for a vane or something to operate the sensor, and the side of the plotter to see how it works.

I've never had a master to play with so can not be more specific but all plotters I've come across have some variation of a sensor on the side, a common one is a microswitch or optical sensor triggered by a piece of metal attached to the carriage - these get bent resulting in the carriage hitting the wall.

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Reply #32 - 21. Jun 2011 at 03:54

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sign_Trainer wrote on 12. Feb 2006 at 23:59:
Many of you have contacted me about a driver and I have supplied them. Let me add this ... you can use a Graphtec 2000-60 driver for the Master which is an HP/GL driver, which is mostly the same as windows drivers for Rolands, or HP/GL Standard drivers, or a whole lot of other HP\GL based drivers. This is the basic standard for cutters, and have only small differences usually. ( like where the starting point is ..Left vs. ight).

If you cannot find one or cannot download one, you can contact me through the SignTrainer website and go to the User Form and request it. You MUST have a yahoo e-mail for me to send it. Most other spam guards will block this type of file.


Hello Richard (or anyone else willing to help),

I realize this is an old fourm, but I noticed how much you have all helped others in the past and I am desperate.  I have a Master XY Tiger 2000 cutter that I use with Flexi VE LXi Master Plus 8.0 v3.  I have used them together for the past 5 years and it has worked great.  When I initially set it up I had to go through some steps to add a driver and get it to show up in Flexi as an option, but I have not had any problems since. My computer just recently acquired a virus and I had to wipe the harddrive and reinstall my Flexi software.  Now I am back to not having the Master cutter listed as an option in Flexi.  I assume this is a driver problem, but I called Sign Warehouse and they told me they can no longer provide the drivers or instructions to fix it again and I need to spend $1000's for new software.  If you could send me a driver or guide me in the best direction to get this resolved, I would be VERY grateful.  I tried to see where I could go on the other link you shared, but was not able to find the form link.  I can setup a yahoo email account it that is the best way to get it from you.  Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can provide.
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Reply #33 - 21. Jun 2011 at 18:24

Alan   Offline
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you might have trouble finding flexi specific instructions here as this is a forum for signgo users  Grin

Surely flexisign have a forum similar to this  Shocked

Look at what you have, is the cutter connected Serial or USB, if USB is this a virtual com port? For a standard com port no drivers should be needed just a hpgl driver in the software.
For a USB connection, drivers for Master if it uses its own chipset or more likely chipset drivers for the virtual com port, probably FDTI or Prolific required. look in device manager and see what device has an error and if it tells you which chipset drivers are needed, download install and plug in the USB cable. then set flexi to the port with a HPGL driver.

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Reply #34 - 24. Jul 2011 at 16:42

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AMD wrote on 10. Apr 2006 at 11:27:
I just bought one of these...and we are having a very tough time getting Windows to recognise it.  We bought it off of e-bay and it didn't come with any software, does anyone know what I need to do to get this thing to work? ???


Alan did you get this working?  I have probably what you need as I use it all the time.
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Reply #35 - 06. Aug 2011 at 08:28

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I am also using Master xy-300p.. but yet i don't have any problem with it.. But how much the SignGo software costs..?
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Reply #36 - 06. Aug 2011 at 13:42

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Reply #37 - 24. Aug 2011 at 12:40

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I have run 2 copies of Singo for about 4 years on 2 different machines.
1 desktop with winxp to  xy-1000, 1 laptop with vista  to a xy-380, then
a laptop with win7. When I bought the system from Master Wharehouse for the laptop I also bought the usb cable. It has always been as easy as plug an play. Never had to install any drivers. Maybe check with them for the right cable,hope this helps.
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Reply #38 - 27. Sep 2011 at 08:34
jackzxcasd4   Ex Member

Can someone e-mail me the driver for the xy-300p to


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Reply #39 - 09. Nov 2011 at 07:52

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Hi All-

Im new to this SignGo forum and as of a few weeks ago didnt even know this forum exist. Ive had SignGo for years now. I only use it for text cuts because the trace function doesnt always turn out nice for images. Probably due to pixelation, but it doesnt trace as well as Corel draw X3. 

Saying so, I was wondering if anyone knows how to directly cut from COrel draw X3 for images?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.  I'm trying to cut the Sons of Anarchy log so i can dress as them for costume party.

Please email me directly at

Thanks Smiley
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Reply #40 - 18. Jan 2017 at 14:59

whackamole   Offline
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A nice person posted this here:
But didn't say what the name of the driver file is to be named or where it resides on Windows. But apparently it works. So if someone can figure this information out, here's the driver contents to get you cutting...

I myself don't have a Master Cutter so I'm no help other than posting what's below. I do know that copying and pasting the driver text into a simple .TXT file, saving it, and then renaming the extension to whatever the REAL driver has as its extension will give you a functioning driver. Where it resides on Windows takes searching...(wouldn't be surprised if it's inside a devices.ini or some type of .ini file but that could be a goosechase).

Last resort, he said to PM him (personal message) on that site he will send you the file (and then you can answer the questions above...)

{Vinyl Master}(1) //(maker type:1-cutter/plotter;2-printer;4-engraver/router)
Version = 3.00 created: 02/09/2004 11:03:00AM

- //cutting
12:$;:H L0 EC1 U IN;$
- //engraving
- //printing
- //custom head
= {P(1,Tool,Knife,1,Pen,0,);}
Cut = (1,1,0)
Pen Plot = (1,1,1)
- //custom end
- //macro
- //comment

SignGo uses a devices.ini but the formatting inside the file is different than the format above (actual driver) just copying and pasting the above text into the devices.ini will not work for you...


I was looking through a file called devices.mst in the SignGo install folder and sure enough...MasterXY-300P

===post too long, need to post again
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Reply #41 - 18. Jan 2017 at 16:00

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Copy and paste this into the devices.ini file located at: C:\Program Files (x86)\SignGoFD\devices.ini

MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP THE ORIGINAL FILE FIRST so you can recover if needed. Restart SignGo and see if that shows up under your cutter list in SignGo. SignGo's help tutorial may partially help:

(Skip to the 0:30 seconds part of the video to see if it installed correctly)

Essentially what I just did by pasting into the devices.ini file is bypass the select your cutter, add cutter interface (0:00-0:30) of the above movie...

You don't HAVE to do this if you simply follow Kevin's movie in its entirety and add the XY-300P as your cutter since SignGo has the drivers for this cutter and a LOT more cutters...but hey, some people like to have some control over things...

[Desay Master XY-300P]
Initialize=;:H A L0 ECN U\32
Reset=;:H A L0 ECN U @\32
End=U F @\32
SetOrigin=A U0,0\32
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