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Restoring Program Defaults (Read 2903 times)
06. Feb 2004 at 21:38

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In some cases the file that holds the default settings for SignGo can be corrupted. For example if your power fails or your system crashes while SignGo is running. Some symptoms of corruption are:
  • Failure to start the program
  • Text defaults are reset to zero causing characters to be overtyped or to be invisible
  • Error messages in dialog boxes such as Please enter a value between 1 and 50
  • Custom kerning fails to operate
The easiest way to fix this is to delete it and allow SignGo to create a new one automatically.

The name of the varies a little according to the version. See below for details:
  • SignGo version 1.09 and later - Application.ini
  • SignGo Lite version 1.09 and later - Application.ini
  • SignGo versions earlier than 1.09 - SignGo.ini
  • SignGo Lite versions earlier than 1.09 - SignGoLite.ini.
The instructions below refer to the file as the <ini file>.

To Delete the <ini file>
Version 1.13 and later
  • Exit the program
  • Search for the file <ini file>. It will be located in the common application data directory AllUsers/Application Data/<EXENAME>. For example C:\Documents and Settings\AllUsers\Application Data\SignGo. If you cannot see the Application data folder you will need to enable the option Show hidden files and folders. You can find this  in My Computer, Tools menu, Folder options, View tab.
  • Select <ini file>, press the Delete key on your keyboard and send it to the Recycle Bin
  • Restart your program
Note: User defaults such as measurement units, text size etc. will be reset to program defaults. You may need to reconfigure them to your personal preference.

Versions 1.09 to 1.12
  • Exit the program
  • Search for the file <ini file>. It will be located in the private directory for the current user [i]<User's home>/Application Data/<EXENAME>
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