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Cutter not working from Parallel port (Read 3025 times)
18. Oct 2002 at 18:18

Kevin Wallace   Offline
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This problem may occur with older cutters such as Roland PNC1000, 1000A, 1100, 960 and Graphtec FC2100 when connected to newer computers with ECP/EPP printer ports.

It appears that the parallel port on the cutter may not be compatible with EPP/ECP port modes on newer computers.

  • Cutter stops before job is complete
  • Cutter will not cut at all
  • Cutter displays HPGL error (Error 1)
Best Solution
Connect your cutter to the serial (COM) port instead. You'll need an appropriate cable and remember to configure your cutter to use the serial port, as well as changing the output port in SignGo.

Possible Solution
Try setting the BIOS port mode to SPP (or Normal, Standard). You should do this only if your cutter has exclusive use of the printer port. If you're sharing the port with another device such as a scanner or printer, those devices may not function correctly after setting SPP mode.  

*SPP  Standard Parallel Port
*EPP  Enhanced Parallel Port
*ECP  Enhanced Communication Port
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