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Cutter won't work with Windows 2000/XP (Read 2651 times)
17. Oct 2002 at 19:38

Kevin Wallace   Offline
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First, check that you do not have a printer driver installed on the same port as your cutter is plugged into. Windows XP does not allow other devices to use a port that is being used by a printer driver.

Windows 2000/XP has rigorous security that may disallow SignGo the use of the output ports. Your system administrator should be able to correct this problem by modifying the security settings. Alternatively, you can work around this problem by using the Windows printing system to drive your cutter.
  • If your cutter is supplied with a Windows system driver you should install it. Otherwise, install the Generic/Text Only Printer driver (Start|Settings|Printers|Add Printer)
  • If your cutter is connected to a serial (COM) port, ensure you configure the port settings to match your cutters configuration
  • From the SignGo Cut command, Cut tab click the Setup button. The Cutting Options dialog appears.
  • From the Connect drop list choose the Generic/Text only printer driver and click OK.
SignGo will now direct the cutting data via the Windows printing system.

Note: Using this method it is not possible to read back the cutting area or head position from the cutter.
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