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Message started by Rhys on 28. Jul 2021 at 15:19

Title: Omega om60 connection issue
Post by Rhys on 28. Jul 2021 at 15:19
Hi guys I have just purchased a used DGI Omega -60 to venture into a larger format cutting.   I have however been unable to connect it.  I have tried parallel to usb connection on a windows 10 laptop.  I have also tried serial to usb on windows 10.  I have bought an old win7 laptop and downloaded the drivers from Wissen but it just keeps saying something like module can't be found and won't install the drivers.  The laptop makes a sound when it's plugged in but the cutter just shows as an unspecified usb 2.0.  I have tried adding as a local printer but I don't have a mentioned "wissen software program".  I read somewhere that a null modem cable with 25 pin to 9 pin adaptors would work?? So I'm at a bit of a loss.  Any help would be absolutely awesome as I don't want to keep buying adaptors and cables if they are the wrong ones.   Thanks in advance.

Just to add apparently I need a file called DGICsetup.exe if anyone has any ideas.  I've searched and can't  find it anywhere.

Title: Re: Omega om60 connection issue
Post by Kevin Wallace on 27. Aug 2021 at 09:51

The DGI USB driver is not reliable on Windows 7 and does not work at all with Windows 10.

The best solution is a USB to serial adaptor along with a compatible serial cable (such as a NUL modem cable DB9F to DB25M). The cables are pretty hard to get these days but they're currently available from

You can use a USB to parallel adaptor but it's trickier to set up. Instructions available by clicking here.

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