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Message started by Kevin Wallace on 19. Jul 2004 at 19:24

Title: Registering SignGo with OSoLiS
Post by Kevin Wallace on 19. Jul 2004 at 19:24
OSoLiS is the license issuing and payment processing service used to register SignGo.

Registration steps:

To access the OSoLiS registration service:
Choose Registration under the Help menu, and click the Register button whilst you are connected to the Internet.

You will find instructions on OSoLiS site, but the steps are:

1) Set up an account by registering your contact details
2) Purchase a license for SignGo
3) Download a copy of your Personal License Register (or have it e-mailed to you)
4) Exit from any SIVL-compliant programs that you are running.
5) Move the Personal License Register to the active Windows directory (usually C:\WINDOWS, but it might be C:\WIN95, C:\WIN98 or C:\WINNT). If you're not sure where to put the License Register, run SignGo and chooseRegistration.. under the Help menu.

If you have difficulties obtaining your Personal License Register from OSoLiS, please contact them at or open this URL in your web browser:

Cant replace existing License Register:

If you find you get an error when trying to move your Personal License Register to the Windows directory, you probably still need to exit from all other SIVL-compliant programs that you are running.

SignGo doesnt recognize that it is registered:

Please check Registration.. under the Help menu to see what is wrong. Below are some suggestions for what to do depending on the message you see. If this doesnt help, please e-mail the message SignGo reports to

Personal License Register is missing:

You must place the Personal License Register in the directory that URL Organizer says it is looking in. If the file you have is called, then you must unzip it to extract the actual License Register. If you dont know how to unzip a file, or you have lost your Personal License Register, see below for how to obtain a new copy of your Personal License Register.

Personal License Register is corrupt:

If the License Register has become corrupted, then you will need to obtain another copy:

To obtain a new copy of your Personal License Register
1) Log back into your account with OSoLiS from
2) Click on the License Register button.
3) Choose to have your Personal License Register e-mailed to you unless you have difficulty receiving e-mail attachments.
4) Install your Personal License Register in your active Windows directory as before, overwriting your existing License Register if applicable.

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