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Message started by Kevin Wallace on 29. Sep 2003 at 23:37

Title: Cutting using the Windows Print Spooler
Post by Kevin Wallace on 29. Sep 2003 at 23:37
During the generation and transfer of cutting data from SignGo to the cutter, SignGo is busy and cannot be used. If your cutter has little memory and the cutting job is complex you may have to wait some time before the software is released. It is possible to eliminate this problem by using the Windows Print Spooler.

Note: If you are using a serial (COM) connection, using the Windows Print Spooler will disallow you from reading back the media size from the cutter. PrintCut syncron marker positions will also not be read by the cutter calibration function.

The following steps are required:
  • Install a dummy printer on the computer.
  • Configure SignGo to cut via the the Windows Print Spooler

Installing a dummy printer on the computer
First, we need to install a "dummy printer" onto the computer. We can then use it to pass data to the cutter via the Windows Printing System.

Note: You may need your Windows installation CD to complete the printer driver installation.
  • From the Windows Start button choose Settings, followed by Printers. The Printers dialogue appears.
  • Double-click the Add Printers icon. The Add Printer wizard appears.

    Note:The exact sequence of configuration varies according to which version of Windows you are running and is beyond the scope of these instructions. The following steps provide only non-specific guidance about the printer driver installation process.

  • Following the on-screen instructions install the Generic/Text only printer driver. You will need to install it as a Local Printer and choose the output port you want to connect your cutter to.

    Tip: Name the printer using an easily recognisable name such as My Cutterfor example.
To configure SignGo to cut via the Windows Print Spooler
All that remains is to let SignGo know where to send the cutting data.
  • From the File menu choose Cut. The Cut dialogue appears.
  • Click the Cut tab and then click the Setup button. The driver options dialogue appears.
  • From the Connect drop list choose the shared printer driver you installed earlier (My cutter in our example).
  • Click OK. You can now cut the Windows print Spooler.
    Note: There may be a short delay between starting the cut job and the cutter beginning to cut whilst Windows routes the data via the Windows printing system.

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