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Message started by Forum Admin on 16. Oct 2002 at 23:37

Title: Cable Length Information
Post by Forum Admin on 16. Oct 2002 at 23:37
How long can a serial or parallel cable be?

Here is a guide, not a guarantee. Quality is King so if you're running longer lengths of cable make sure you pay extra for good quality.

Parallel Cables
5 metre with standard cable, 10 metre wth a high quality screened cable. Any more and you are likely to suffer data corruption.

Serial (RS232) Cables
9600 baud (standard for cutters) 100 meters at least
19200 baud up to 50 metres
38,400 baud up to 20 metres

Title: Re: Cable Length Information
Post by Alan on 01. Nov 2007 at 22:47
Now USB cutters are about

USB cables
5 metres in a single length
Maximum of 4 hubs with 5 metre cables between each to a distance of 25metres
5 Active cables of 5metres each

Experiance suggests than 4metres is probably safer for a single length


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