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 List of Supported Cutters
Last modified 06 December 2019
Number of Drivers = 639
Allen Datagraph 724
Allen Datagraph 800
Allen Datagraph 824
Allen Datagraph 830
Allen Datagraph 836
Allen Datagraph 840
Allen Datagraph 848
Allen Datagraph 860
Allen Datagraph 1036
Allen Datagraph 1048
Allen Datagraph 1060
Allen Datagraph Gem 40
Anagraph AE-60E
Anagraph AE-75E
Anagraph AE-101E
Anagraph AE-120E
Aristo AG50 Standalone
Aristograph 600
Aristograph 1200
Aristo 50 Signline
Aristo 75 Signline
Aristo 130 Signline
Bridge C-24
Bridge Pro 1350
Calortrans CT60
Copam CP2500
Copam CP3050
Copam CP3500
Copam CP4050
Copam CP4500
Cotek CTK-360C
Cotek CTK-720C
Cotek CTK-1350C
Creation HK KingCut CT
Creation HK KingCut CA
Creation PCUT CR630
Creation PCUT CR900
Creation PCUT CR1080
Creation PCUT CR1200
Creation PCUT CB730
Creation PCUT CB1300
Creation PCUT CS630
Creation PCUT CS1200
Creation PCUT CT630
Creation PCUT CT900
Creation PCUT CT1200
Creation PCUT CT1500
Creation PCUT CTO series
CSR 466
CSR 700
Desay Master XY-300P
Desay Master XY-380P
Desay Master XY-450P
Desay Master XY-540P
Desay Master XY-660P
Desay Master Tiger1000
Desay Master Tiger2000
Desay Master Tiger3000
DGI OM-100
DGI OM-130
DGI OM-150
DING 400
Dragon Pro LGZ1380
Encad Novacut 24"
Encad Novacut 50"
EU Cutters 360
EU Cutters 720
EU Cutters 1351
Foison C12
Foison C18
Foison C24
Foison C30
Foison C48
GCC Bengal BN-60 PID_000A
GCC Bengal BN-60 PID_800A
GCC Bobcat BI-30 PID_0004
GCC Bobcat BI-30 PID_8004
GCC Bobcat BI-60 PID_0004
GCC Bobcat BI-60 PID_8004
GCC Expert 24
GCC Expert 24-PID_0031
GCC Expert 24-PID_0011
GCC Expert 24LX
GCC Expert 52LX
GCC Jaguar JII-61-PID_0002
GCC Jaguar JII-61-PID_8002
GCC Jaguar JII-101S-PID_0002
GCC Jaguar JII-101S-PID_8002
GCC Jaguar JII-132S-PID_0002
GCC Jaguar JII-132S-PID_8002
GCC Jaguar J3-61-PID_0007
GCC Jaguar J3-61-PID_8007
GCC Jaguar J3-101S-PID_0007
GCC Jaguar J3-101S-PID_8007
GCC Jaguar J3-132S-PID_0007
GCC Jaguar J3-132S-PID_8007
GCC Jaguar J3-183S-PID_0007
GCC Jaguar J3-183S-PID_8007
GCC Jaguar J4-61-PID_000B
GCC Jaguar J4-61-PID_800B
GCC Jaguar J4-101S-PID_000B
GCC Jaguar J4-101S-PID_800B
GCC Jaguar J4-132S-PID_000B
GCC Jaguar J4-132S-PID_800B
GCC Jaguar J4-183S-PID_000B
GCC Jaguar J4-183S-PID_800B
GCC Jaguar J5-61
GCC Jaguar J5-61LX
GCC Jaguar J5-101
GCC Jaguar J5-101LX
GCC Jaguar J5-132
GCC Jaguar J5-132LX
GCC Jaguar J5-183LX
GCC Jaguar JG-61S
GCC Jaguar JG-76S
GCC Jaguar JG-101S
GCC Jaguar JG-132S
GCC Lynx S-30
GCC Lynx S-60
GCC Lynx S-132
GCC Puma SP-30
GCC Puma SP-60
GCC Puma II-60 PID_0003
GCC Puma II-60 PID_8003
GCC Puma II-132 PID_0003
GCC Puma II-132 PID_8003
GCC Puma III-60 PID_000C
GCC Puma III-60 PID_800C
GCC Puma III-132 PID_000C
GCC Puma III-132 PID_800C
GCC Sable SB-60 PID_0009
GCC Sable SB-60 PID_8009
GCC SignPal98 GRC-30
GCC SignPal98 GRC-50
GCC SignPal Supreme 98 GRC-61
GCC SignPal Supreme 98 GRC-76S
GCC SignPal Supreme 98 GRC-101S
GCC SignPal Supreme 98 GRC-132S
GCC Ultra GRC-50
GCC Ultra GRC-61
GCC Ultra GRC-76S
GCC Ultra GRC-101S
GCC Ultra GRC-132S
GCC Vogue TP-183P PID_0008
GCC Vogue TP-183P PID_8008
Generic HPGL
Generic DMPL
Gerber enVision 375
Gerber enVision 750
Gerber FasTrack 550
Gerber FasTrack 650
Gerber FasTrack 750
Gerber FasTrack 1000
Gerber FasTrack 1300
Gerber GSX Plus
Gerber Odyssey
Gerber P2C 600 USB (DMPL)
Gerber P2C 600 USB (HPGL)
Gerber P2C 1200 USB (DMPL)
Gerber P2C 1200 USB (HPGL)
Gerber P2C 1600 USB (DMPL)
Gerber P2C 1600 USB (HPGL)
Goldcut JK Series
Goldcut KS721
Gongzheng LGZ 630
Gongzheng LGZ 800
Gongzheng LGZ 1000
Gongzheng LGZ 1200
Gongzheng LGZ 780
Gongzheng LGZ 950
Gongzheng LGZ 1150
Gongzheng LGZ 1380
Graphtec 50 GPGL
Graphtec 90 GPGL
Graphtec 120 GPGL
Graphtec CE-1000 60 HPGL
Graphtec CE-1000 120 HPGL
Graphtec CE-2000 60 HPGL
Graphtec CE-2000 120 HPGL
Graphtec CE3000-40 HPGL
Graphtec CE3000-40 GPGL
Graphtec CE3000-60 HPGL
Graphtec CE3000-60 GPGL
Graphtec CE3000-120 HPGL
Graphtec CE3000-120 GPGL
Graphtec CE3000Mk2-40 GPGL
Graphtec CE3000Mk2-60 HPGL
Graphtec CE3000Mk2-60 GPGL
Graphtec CE3000Mk2-120 HPGL
Graphtec CE3000Mk2-120 GPGL
Graphtec CE5000-60 HPGL
Graphtec CE5000-60 GPGL
Graphtec CE5000-120 HPGL
Graphtec CE5000-120 GPGL
Graphtec CE5000-40CRP HPGL
Graphtec CE5000-40CRP GPGL
Graphtec CE6000-40 HPGL
Graphtec CE6000-40 GPGL
Graphtec CE6000-60 HPGL
Graphtec CE6000-60 GPGL
Graphtec CE6000-120 HPGL
Graphtec CE6000-120 GPGL
Graphtec CE6000-40 PLUS HPGL
Graphtec CE6000-40 PLUS GPGL
Graphtec CE6000-60 PLUS HPGL
Graphtec CE6000-60 PLUS GPGL
Graphtec CE6000-120 PLUS HPGL
Graphtec CE6000-120 PLUS GPGL
Graphtec CE7000 Series HPGL
Graphtec CE7000 Series GPGL
Graphtec CE Lite-50 GPGL
Graphtec CE Lite-50 HPGL
Graphtec CraftROBO CC100-20
Graphtec CraftROBO CC200-20
Graphtec CraftROBO CC300-20
Graphtec CraftROBO CC330-20
Graphtec CraftROBO CC330L-20
Graphtec CraftROBO Pro GPGL
Graphtec Silhouette Cameo
Graphtec FC2100-50 HPGL
Graphtec FC2100-60 HPGL
Graphtec FC2100-60A HPGL
Graphtec FC2100-90 HPGL
Graphtec FC2100-90A HPGL
Graphtec FC2100-120 HPGL
Graphtec FC2200-50 HPGL
Graphtec FC2200-90 HPGL
Graphtec FC2201-90 HPGL
Graphtec FC2201-90EX HPGL
Graphtec FC2202-90 HPGL
Graphtec FC2202-90EX HPGL
Graphtec FC3100-60 HPGL
Graphtec FC3100-100 HPGL
Graphtec FC3100-120 HPGL
Graphtec FC3209-60 HPGL
Graphtec FC3212-90 HPGL
Graphtec FC3212-180 HPGL
Graphtec FC3212-240 HPGL
Graphtec FC4100-75 HPGL
Graphtec FC4100-100 HPGL
Graphtec FC4100-130 HPGL
Graphtec FC4200-50 HPGL
Graphtec FC4200-60 HPGL
Graphtec FC4210-60 HPGL
Graphtec FC5100-75 HPGL
Graphtec FC5100-100 HPGL
Graphtec FC5100-130 HPGL
Graphtec FC5100-150 HPGL
Graphtec FC7000-60 GPGL
Graphtec FC7000-75 GPGL
Graphtec FC7000-100 GPGL
Graphtec FC7000-130 GPGL
Graphtec FC7000-160 GPGL
Graphtec FC8000-60 HPGL
Graphtec FC8000-60 GPGL
Graphtec FC8000-75 HPGL
Graphtec FC8000-75 GPGL
Graphtec FC8000-100 HPGL
Graphtec FC8000-100 GPGL
Graphtec FC8000-130 HPGL
Graphtec FC8000-130 GPGL
Graphtec FC8000-160 HPGL
Graphtec FC8000-160 GPGL
Graphtec FC8600-60 HPGL
Graphtec FC8600-60 GPGL
Graphtec FC8600-75 HPGL
Graphtec FC8600-75 GPGL
Graphtec FC8600-100 HPGL
Graphtec FC8600-100 GPGL
Graphtec FC8600-130 HPGL
Graphtec FC8600-130 GPGL
Graphtec FC8600-160 HPGL
Graphtec FC8600-160 GPGL
Graphtec FC9000 Series HPGL
Graphtec FC9000 Series GPGL
Graphtec JX1060 CUT HPGL
Graphtec JX1130 CUT HPGL
GRI Pro VinylCutter 15 (DMPL)
GRI Pro VinylCutter 15 (HPGL)
GRI Pro VinylCutter 24 (DMPL)
GRI Pro VinylCutter 24 (HPGL)
Houston DMP 100
Houston DMP 65C
Houston DMP 66
Houston DMP 69C
Ioline ArtPro LP3500 (DMPL)
Ioline ArtPro LP3500 (HPGL)
Ioline Signature5000 (HPGL)
Ioline SmartTrac/60 24" (HPGL)
Ioline SmartTrac/86 34" (HPGL)
Ioline SmartTrac/110 44" (HPGL)
Ioline SmartTrac/130 52" (HPGL)
Ioline Super88/30 (HPGL)
Ioline Super88/40 (HPGL)
Ioline Super88/52 (HPGL)
Ioline Studio7 24" (HPGL)
Ioline Studio7 36" (HPGL)
Jiachen JC-850E
Jiachen JC-850H
Jiachen SeikiTech SK-850DS
Jiachen SeikiTech SK-720H
Jiachen SeikiTech SK-720DS
JSI Bobcat-24
Katana KII-720
Katana KII-1350
KingCut Series
Liyu TC631
Liyu TC801
Liyu TC1061
Liyu TC1261
Master XY-300P
Master XY-380P
Master XY-450P
Master XY-540P
Master XY-660P
Master Tiger1000
Master Tiger2000
Master Tiger3000
Mimaki CF-0912
Mimaki CF-1215
Mimaki CF-1218
Mimaki CG-100EX
Mimaki CG-100LX
Mimaki CG-101
Mimaki CG-121
Mimaki CG-130EX
Mimaki CG-130LX
Mimaki CG-45
Mimaki CG-50
Mimaki CG-51
Mimaki CG-60EX
Mimaki CG-60st
Mimaki CG-61
Mimaki CG-60SL
Mimaki CG-60SR
Mimaki CG-60SR-III
Mimaki CG-100SR-III
Mimaki CG-130SR-III
Mimaki CG-160FX
Mimaki CG-75 FX (USB)
Mimaki CG-90
Mimaki CG-5
Mimaki CG-9
Mimaki CG-12
Mutoh IP-220
Mutoh Jnr24 Bezier
Mutoh Jnr24 Standard
Mutoh MC-1000 Standard
Mutoh MC-1000 Bezier
Mutoh MC-1300 Standard
Mutoh MC-1300 Bezier
Mutoh MC-1650 Standard
Mutoh MC-1650 Bezier
Mutoh MC-650S Standard
Mutoh MC-650S Bezier
Mutoh MC-750S Standard
Mutoh MC-750S Bezier
Mutoh MC-1000S Standard
Mutoh MC-1000S Bezier
Mutoh MC-1300S Standard
Mutoh MC-1300S Bezier
Mutoh SC-550 Standard
Mutoh SC-550 Bezier
Mutoh SC-650 Standard
Mutoh SC-650 Bezier
Mutoh SC-750 Standard
Mutoh SC-750 Bezier
Mutoh SC-1000 Standard
Mutoh SC-1000 Bezier
Mutoh SC-1300 Standard
Mutoh SC-1300 Bezier
Mutoh SC-850 D Standard
Mutoh SC-850 D Bezier
Mutoh SC-1400 D Standard
Mutoh SC-1400 D Bezier
Mutoh SC-650E Standard
Mutoh SC-650E Bezier
Mutoh SC-750E Standard
Mutoh SC-750E Bezier
Mutoh SC-1000E Standard
Mutoh SC-1000E Bezier
Mutoh SC-1300E Standard
Mutoh SC-1300E Bezier
Mutoh TC-650 Standard
Mutoh TC-650 Bezier
Mutoh TC-750 Standard
Mutoh TC-750 Bezier
Mutoh TC-1000 Standard
Mutoh TC-1000 Bezier
Mutoh TC-1300 Standard
Mutoh TC-1300 Bezier
Mutoh ValueCut 600
Mutoh ValueCut 1300
Mutoh ValueCut 1800
Mutoh XP-620C (Normal)
Mutoh XP-620C (Expanded)
Mutoh XP-621C Standard
Mutoh XP-621C Bezier
Mutoh XP-941C Standard
Mutoh XP-941C Bezier
Mutoh XP-1251C Standard
Mutoh XP-1251C Bezier
Mutoh XP-940C (Normal)
Mutoh XP-940C (Expanded)
Mutoh XP-1250C (Normal)
Mutoh XP-1250C (Expanded)
New Star OM-40
New Star OM-60
New Star OM-70
New Star OM-80
New Star OM-100
New Star OM-130
New Star OM-150
Palopoli ECO-61 LCD
Palopoli MLP 21
Palopoli MLP 24
Palopoli JPP 40
Palopoli CCP 52
PixMax 720mm
Plotter Technology 760PI
Plotter Technology 1000PI
Plotter Technology 700SP
Plotter Technology DUET 760
Plotter Technology DUET 1000
Plotter Technology Profile 600E
Plotter Technology Profile 760
Plotter Technology Profile 1000
Plotter Technology Profile 1220
PreArt MCS-150
Rabbit HX-720N
Rabbit HX-800N
Rabbit HX-960N
Ramtin EH Series
Rabbit HX-1360N
Redsail 360C
Redsail 720C
Redsail 800C
Redsail 1120C
Redsail 1360C
Redsail RS360C
Redsail RS450C
Redsail RS500C
Refine EH-721
Refine EH-1351
Refine EU MH361
Refine EU MH721
Refine EU MH871
Refine EU MH1101
Refine EU MH1351
Refine MH Series
Roland CJ-70 CAMMJET
Roland CM-12 (Rotate)
Roland CM-24 (Rotate)
Roland CM-300
Roland CM-500
Roland CX-12 (RO-90)
Roland CX-24
Roland CX-24TS
Roland CX-300
Roland CX-500
Roland GR-420
Roland GR-540
Roland GR-640
Roland GS-24
Roland GS-300
Roland GS-400
Roland GS-500
Roland GS-640
Roland GX-24
Roland GX-300
Roland GX-400
Roland GX-500
Roland GX-640
Roland PNC 1000 (Expand-X)
Roland PNC 1000A (RO-90)
Roland PNC 1100 (RO-90)
Roland PNC 1200 (RO-90)
Roland PNC-1210
Roland PNC-1410
Roland PNC 1800 (RO-90)
Roland PNC 1850 (RO-90)
Roland PNC-1860
Roland PNC 900 (Rotate)
Roland PNC 910 (Rotate)
Roland PNC 950 (Rotate)
Roland PNC 960 (Rotate)
Roland SC-500 SOLJET
Roland SC-540 SOLJET
Roland SCP-85 STiKA
Roland Stika SV-12
Roland Stika SV-15
Roland Stika SV-8
Roland Stika SX-12
Roland Stika SX-15
Roland Stika SX-8
Roland VersaCAMM SP300
Roland VersaCAMM SP540
Secabo C60II
Secabo C120II
Secabo Mini
Summacut D520 (DMPL)
Sign Wizard PROCUT 700
Summacut D520 (HPGL)
Summacut D60 (DMPL)
Summacut D60 USB (DMPL)
Summacut D60 (HPGL)
Summacut D60 USB (HPGL)
Summacut D120 USB (DMPL)
Summacut D120 (DMPL)
Summacut D120 USB (HPGL)
Summacut D120 (HPGL)
Summa S Class D75 (DMPL)
Summa S Class D75 USB (DMPL)
Summa S Class D75 (HPGL)
Summa S Class D75 USB (HPGL)
Summa S Class D120 (DMPL)
Summa S Class D120 USB (DMPL)
Summa S Class D120 (HPGL)
Summa S Class D120 USB (HPGL)
Summa S Class D140 (DMPL)
Summa S Class D140 USB (DMPL)
Summa S Class D140 (HPGL)
Summa S Class D140 USB (HPGL)
Summa S Class D160 (DMPL)
Summa S Class D160 USB (DMPL)
Summa S Class D160 (HPGL)
Summa S Class D160 USB (HPGL)
Summa S Class T75 (DMPL)
Summa S Class T75 USB (DMPL)
Summa S Class T75 (HPGL)
Summa S Class T75 USB (HPGL)
Summa S Class T120 (DMPL)
Summa S Class T120 USB (DMPL)
Summa S Class T120 (HPGL)
Summa S Class T120 USB (HPGL)
Summa S Class T140 (DMPL)
Summa S Class T140 USB (DMPL)
Summa S Class T140 (HPGL)
Summa S Class T140 USB (HPGL)
Summa S Class T160 (DMPL)
Summa S Class T160 USB (DMPL)
Summa S Class T160 (HPGL)
Summa S Class T160 USB (HPGL)
Summa S Class 2 D75 (DMPL)
Summa S Class 2 D75 USB (DMPL)
Summa S Class 2 D75 (HPGL)
Summa S Class 2 D75 USB (HPGL)
Summa S Class 2 D120 (DMPL)
Summa S Class 2 D120 USB (DMPL)
Summa S Class 2 D120 (HPGL)
Summa S Class 2 D120 USB (HPGL)
Summa S Class 2 D140 (DMPL)
Summa S Class 2 D140 USB (DMPL)
Summa S Class 2 D140 (HPGL)
Summa S Class 2 D140 USB (HPGL)
Summa S Class 2 D160 (DMPL)
Summa S Class 2 D160 USB (DMPL)
Summa S Class 2 D160 (HPGL)
Summa S Class 2 D160 USB (HPGL)
Summa S Class 2 T75 (DMPL)
Summa S Class 2 T75 USB (DMPL)
Summa S Class 2 T75 (HPGL)
Summa S Class 2 T75 USB (HPGL)
Summa S Class 2 T120 (DMPL)
Summa S Class 2 T120 USB (DMPL)
Summa S Class 2 T120 (HPGL)
Summa S Class 2 T120 USB (HPGL)
Summa S Class 2 T140 (DMPL)
Summa S Class 2 T140 USB (DMPL)
Summa S Class 2 T140 (HPGL)
Summa S Class 2 T140 USB (HPGL)
Summa S Class 2 T160 (DMPL)
Summa S Class 2 T160 USB (DMPL)
Summa S Class 2 T160 (HPGL)
Summa S Class 2 T160 USB (HPGL)
SummaSign Pro 750 (DMPL)
SummaSign Pro 750 (HPGL)
SummaSign Pro 1400 (DMPL)
SummaSign Pro 1400 (HPGL)
Summa Durasign (DMPL)
Summa Durasign (HPGL)
Summagraphics D610/T610 (DMPL)
Summagraphics D750/T750 (DMPL)
Summagraphics T1000 (DMPL)
Summagraphics D1010/T1010 (DMPL)
Summagraphics D1300/T1300 (DMPL)
Summagraphics D610/T610 (HPGL)
Summagraphics D750/T750 (HPGL)
Summagraphics D1010/T1010 (HPGL)
Summagraphics D1300/T1300 (HPGL)
Thermazone Card (Gerber 4B)
UK Cutter MH Series
UK Cutter SMURF HSQ Series
US Cutter MH361
US Cutter MH721
US Cutter MH871
US Cutter MH1101
US Cutter MH1351
VicSign HSQ
Vinyl Express Enduracut 24in
Vinyl Express R19
Vinyl Express R31
Vinyl Express R Series II
Vinyl Express 12" Lynx S-30-06
Vinyl Express 12" Lynx S-30-12
Vinyl Express 12" Lynx S-30-24
Vinyl Express 24" Lynx S-60
VE 24" Ultra Pro Desktop
VE Bobcat 24
VE Cougar 24
VE 24" Ultra Pro GRC-61
VE 30" Ultra Pro GRC-76
VE 40" Ultra Pro GRC-101
VE 52" Ultra Pro GRC-132
VE 24" Ultra Pro "T"
VE 30" Ultra Pro "T"
VE 40" Ultra Pro "T"
VE 52" Ultra Pro "T"
Vytek 1000
Wild TA30
Wild TA41
Universal Plotter driver
Readable Output (Absolute)
Readable Output (Relative)
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